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Commercial Muck Away Costs

Commercial Muck Away Costs

Muck lorries are most commonly used in heavy-duty commercial waste clearance. Typical tasks might include removing heavy objects with a grab lorry truck from a construction site or removing earth and garden waste from a landscaping project.

It’s challenging to put an exact price on the costs of hiring a muck away service since this depends so heavily on the variables. These include the volume of waste, where the site is located, and the type of removal equipment required.

The Problock team has created this guide to run through the pricing factors and help you work out the right budget for your muck away hire.

What Services are Included in Muck Away Hire Costs?

Our services are always tailored to your requirements, but the typical muck away hire costs include:

Hire of a suitable lorry or grab hire truck with the capacity to move heavy objects.

Vehicles capable of negotiating construction sites, open land or remote locations.

Truck-mounted hydraulic arms or buckets to quickly clear bulky waste or garden by-products.

The big plus point when hiring a muck away truck is that they are specifically designed to manage large, heavy loads and access off-road sites where traditional vehicles or waste disposal services wouldn’t be able to cope.

Professional truck-mounted buckets can clear away large amounts of waste, soil, rubble and brick in a fraction of the time it would take to clear your site manually. Therefore, this service saves money by ensuring your construction or landscaping project can swiftly proceed to the next stage without downtime or obstruction caused by waste materials.

Another cost efficiency is provided by the size of a muck away lorry. Problock muck away trucks can remove waste in one load to the equivalent of three skips, making it more affordable, substantially faster, and without the hassle of skip hire permissions and waiting for collections to be carried out.

How Much Should I Budget for a Muck Away Lorry?

A basic muck away service with a standard-sized vehicle starts at around £500 as a rough estimate. There are multiple variables, all of which contribute to the overall cost.

Factors include:

  • What volume of waste you wish to dispose of – and whether that means dispatching multiple muck away lorries or carrying out numerous collections.
  • The type of waste to be removed, with Problock providing safe disposal options depending on any regulatory requirements.
  • Weight, with each muck away lorry able to manage around three skips worth of waste content – the heavier the waste, the larger the truck needs to be, and the higher the load-bearing capacity.
  • Your collection location, and whether there are any access restrictions or specific security requirements you need your muck away lorry to comply with.

 If you’re unsure of the budget for your muck away costs, you are welcome to contact the Problock team at any time for an obligation-free quotation.

What are the Benefits of Paying for Muck Away Costs?

We’ve touched on some of the many benefits of using a muck away truck, and it remains one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to keep construction sites or development projects running smoothly and on schedule!

Benefits of using a muck away hire service are:

  • Controlled costs without needing to factor in manual handling time or labour charges.
  • Suited to any location throughout the UK, even in difficult to access sites.
  • Appropriate for a broad range of applications, from residential land clearances to large commercial development projects.
  • A highly efficient way to remove bulky waste, heavy objects or large volumes of rubble from a site in one go.
  • Fast removal services, ensuring that any interruptions are minimised.
  • It is more affordable than any other waste disposal service, with one lorry managing the equivalent of three skip loads of waste material.
  • No permissions or licenses are required to book a muck away lorry service.

Our fleet of muck away lorries is also available for quick turnaround jobs where you need waste removed quickly. That might be where an excavation project requires soil to be removed to allow works to proceed or where bricks or building rubble are impeding the workforce’s ability to keep pace with project deadlines.

How Can I Get an Exact Muck Away Cost for my Requirements?

As we’ve seen, many factors contribute to the overall cost for a muck away service. Much depends on what sort of waste you need to be cleared, how much it weighs, and where your collection site is located.

For a more accurate quotation and advice on the best muck away options for your requirements, please contact the Problock team at your convenience for a professional assessment of your waste disposal needs.