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Concrete Barrier Costs

Concrete barrier Costs

As a leading supplier of jersey barriers and concrete barrier hire, the Problock team is commonly asked to provide indicative pricing for a hire period. 

In this article, we’ll explain the cost variables that apply to help you get an idea about what you should expect to pay (and how you might be able to save a little money!).

The answer is that to provide a professional concrete block delivery and installation service; we’ll need to run through a few questions, such as:

  • What are your concrete barriers required for?
  • How long do you need them for, or is it a longer-term project?
  • Which key risks are you defending against?
  • Where is the delivery location?
  • Will you need your concrete barrier to be repositioned or moved?

Let’s run through each of those factors in a little more detail to demonstrate why each will impact the cost of your jersey barrier or concrete blocks.

Applications of Concrete Barrier Hire

The first factor to consider is what you need your concrete barrier for. That could be for many uses, from roadside safety to a security perimeter, creating a temporary car parking space to defending against floodwaters.

Problock provides a range of concrete barrier blocks, all with different sizes, weights, properties and ideal uses:

Should you be uncertain which type of block is best suited for your premises or what configuration of barrier will mitigate your key risks best, do get in touch for professional advice.

The Problock team is always happy to provide recommendations but will need to understand the location and purpose of the barrier. 

We might suggest a larger and heavier construction for motorway concrete barriers than we would for traffic management at an event, as one illustration. Using the right blocks will ensure you can control your budget and yet have the right level of safety precautions in place.

Hiring Concrete Barriers for Longer-Term Security or Short-Term Events

The second element to consider is how long you need your concrete barrier for – and we appreciate that sometimes, it isn’t possible to give a finite end date!

For example:

  • Jersey barriers used as flood defences might be required until the local authority deems the flood risk to have passed.
  • You might rely on other variables, such as the weather conditions, and need your concrete barrier to remain in situ for an uncertain time.
  • Construction projects and developments with concrete barriers for workforce protection might run over or under schedule.
  • Events may run behind, or traffic may take longer than anticipated to disperse, potentially delaying the time when it becomes safe to remove your concrete traffic management barriers.

If you need a jersey barrier to mitigate a particular risk or as a safety precaution, it’s always vital to ensure you keep that in place for as long as is required.

Problock can offer flexible hire periods, enabling you to retain your perimeter barrier for as long or as little as you need. Our teams work across the UK and can attend your site at your convenience to remove your barriers when they are no longer needed.

Delivery Services for Jersey Barrier Hire

The final factor is assessing where you need your concrete barriers delivered:

  • Is the site difficult to access, or is it along the main roadway?
  • Will the barrier site need to be cleared before installation?
  • Do you expect to need to move the barrier as your work progresses?
  • Is specialist equipment required to erect the concrete barrier?
  • How often do you anticipate needing to reposition the blocks?

A lot depends on the nature of the site. One example applies to motorway safety barriers, which are often used to protect workers from traffic flow or to ensure vehicles cannot cross lanes and become at higher risk of a collision.

In that scenario, Problock might need to install the barrier overnight when the motorway traffic is quietest or at a time when the local traffic management authority has granted permission for a temporary road closure or diversion to allow the concrete blocks to be safely installed.

As we can see, there is a lot to think about, and hiring jersey barriers or concrete blocks will vary in cost depending on the exact requirements you have.

While it isn’t possible to give a specific price indication without considering those factors, what we can do is advise on the most efficient barrier hire solution for your project.