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Concrete Barrier for Heras Fencing

Concrete Barriers for Heras Fencing are the perfect concrete barrier solution for providing both physical protection against vehicular access, and to allow visual access for people, whilst preventing them from crossing the boundary. 

Barrier & Fencing Block Dimensions


3000 mm


1000 mm

Width (base)

670 mm


2840 kg

Concrete Barrier & Heras Fencing Block Hire

We provide a full installation service. Speak to the team today for a free installation quotation for your project.

The ProBlock 3m concrete barrier for Heras fencing provides a 2.8 tonne physical barrier to prevent vehicle access but also allows for the integration of standard Heras Fencing as an anti-climb solution.

The concrete blocks are interlocking to provide a unbroken barrier where required.

Anti-climb Heras Fencing is 2m high which, when attached to the purpose-made concrete barrier, provides a 3m high, almost impenetrable barrier against vehicles and people.

Weighing 2840kg and 3m long, our Concrete Barriers for Heras Fencing are interlocked to provide greater security and prevent the blocks from being moved independently of each other.

The barriers are installed by our experienced team, quickly and efficiently and can be moved or removed at any time.

ProBlock 3 Meter Concrete Barrier With Heras Fencing

Why Choose Pro Block Security?

Pro Block Security provide Concrete Blocks for Heras Fencing hire all over the UK, with an experienced team ready to work with you on providing the right solution for your project.

Hiring Concrete Blocks for Heras Fencing is simple and we will install the concrete barriers quickly wherever you need them.

Our Concrete Blocks for Heras Fencing are the ideal barrier solution for a range of applications, including:

Boundary and perimeter security – If you want to secure a property or land perimeter, our Jersey barriers are the ideal protection from squatting, trespassing and fly tipping.

Public space protection – Jersey barriers are an effective way to seal off or guide traffic in public areas to prevent any harm to the public from vehicle misuse, intentional or otherwise.

Parking management – If you want to create a temporary parking area and mark out restricted parking areas.

Traffic management for events – Events can cause disruption to usual traffic and pedestrian routes. Jersey barriers are an effective way of marking out new routes due to road closures or guiding and protecting pedestrians in the case of reduced pedestrian areas.

Flood defence – Preventative or reactive, Jersey barriers can be used as an effective way of reducing the impact of flooding on communities.

Hostile vehicle mitigation – HVM – is a key application of Jersey barriers and their strength and stability helps build effective protection for both property and the public.

Highway worker protection – Roadworks can require the presence of highway workers for a long period of time, often in low-visibility conditions. Effective Jersey barrier placement can help keep workers safe in high traffic environments.

We also offer:

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