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Precast Concrete Barrier Hire

Precast barriers provide a fast & effective solution to protect properties, unoccupied buildings, private land, industrial estates & construction sites.

What are Precast Barriers?

Precast barriers are used to protect properties, land, building sites and other areas from unwanted access and trespassers. These barriers can be made in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of spaces and properties that need protection. 

Hiring precast barriers can be essential if you are looking to protect a property which is vacant or land which is often subject to trespassers. They are not only physically strong to withstand vehicular impact, but act as a visual signal that the area is protected and should not be accessed.

Precast barriers can also be effective solutions to prevent vehicle access, to reduce the impact of flooding and reduce the impact of terrorist and malicious vehicle attacks. 

Whether you need to hire a precast barrier for perimeter protection or any other use, contact our team today and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your project.

Our Precast Barrier Products and Services

Our primary selection of barriers includes:

  • Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier: L: 3000mm, D: 450mm, H: 800, weight 2500kg.
  • Jersey Barrier:  L: 2500mm, W: 610mm, H: 810mm, Weight: 1450kg
  • Interlocking Blocks: 
    • LB1: L: 800mm, W: 800mm, H: 800mm, weight: 1200kg
    • LB2: L: 1200mm, W: 800mm, H: 800mm, weight: 1800kg
    • LB3: L: 160mm, W: 800mm, H: 800mm, weight: 2400kg

Our concrete barrier hire is a very cost effective way to protect a site from unwanted intruders or illegal occupation.

All of our precast concrete barriers are simple to install with their construction allowing for forklift and top-lift (grab) installation methods and we provide full installation, moving and removal service as standard so you experience a nationwide turnkey installation solution.

Why Choose ProBlock Security?

ProBlock Security are experienced providers of concrete block hire solutions for a wide range of applications. Our precast barriers are well suited for a range of applications and are simple and quick to install for temporary or long term hire.

This includes:

Boundary and perimeter security – Our precast barriers are ideal for protecting perimeters and boundaries from unwanted access from trespassers, fly tippers and potential squatters.

Public space protection – Public space protection is essential to prevent unwanted vehicle access to pedestrianised areas or terrorism in particular. Concrete barriers are an excellent solution to prevent or reduce the impact of these events.

Parking management – Precast barriers are an ideal solution to mark our parking spaces or areas where vehicle parking is restricted.

Traffic management for events – Temporary concrete road barriers are useful when managing traffic for events. Whether that’s marking out roads or alternative routes due to road closures, or protecting pedestrianised areas from vehicle traffic.

Hostile vehicle mitigation – We provide a range of precast barriers specifically designed for HVM, to stop ram raids or other malicious vehicle attacks.