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Grab Loader Services

Grabloaders are heavy-duty, high capacity lorries with a high-end grab arm capable of lifting up to 16 tonnes of a vast range of materials including demolition rubble, soil/subsoil, rubbish, wood, garden waste etc.

Reliable Grab Loader Services

PBS Grabloader Services

Grab loaders are heavy-duty, high capacity lorries capable of bulk removal or delivery of 16 tonne loads in a safe, non-invasive and efficient way.

Our experienced grab lorry drivers offer amazing flexibility in site clearance. Each grab lorry is fitted with a top of the range crane and bucket which allows the vehicle to load itself, eliminating the need for onsite machines or skips.

We can cater for removal of a vast range of materials including demolition rubble, soil/subsoil, rubbish, fly-tipping, wood, garden waste etc. Our grab lorries will clear all material and leave the area completely free of waste at the end of the process.

A reliable grab hire service that’s the perfect solution to your sites needs!

All grab lorries vehicles can carry 16 tonne and have 12 cubic meter capacity.

Our grab loader service can deliver the following:

  • Primary Aggregates – this includes type 1 granite stone, type 3 granite stone, rail ballast, 0/5 granite dust and shingles.
  • Building Sands – soft sands, sharp sand, ballast and marine shingles 10mm and 20mm.
  • Recycled Materials – crushed concrete (all grades), turfing soil and primary three-way blended soil.
What Is Grab Hire

Our Grab Lorry Hire Services

Our Grabloader lorries can remove the following types of waste:

  • Inert waste – this includes soil, subsoil, hard-core debris, brick, stones, and cement. Inert wast is not chemically or biologically reactive and will not decompose quickly.
  • General rubbish – refers to any load which shows evidence of contamination by metal, plastic, or wood – general waste, cans, cardboard, and wood fall under this category.
  • Green waste – generally, anything that is compostable can be considered biological waste, or green waste. Examples include leaves, trees, bushes, and grass cuttings.
  • Manure – horse manure should be cleared regularly to prevent insect infestation. 

If you have multiple types of waste that need removing, or you are not sure what category your stockpile waste falls under – get in touch today with our team who will discuss your individual needs and find a solution for your situation.

Why ProBlock?

We try hard to provide excellent customer service and will always go a step further to ensure we clear your waste thoroughly and efficiently.

We offer:

  • Commercial grab loader services
  • Fly-tipping and waste clearance
  • Immediate response to fly-tipping occurrences
  • Clearance from open land or property
  • Specialist handling of hazardous waste
  • Services for both domestic and commercial sites

We also take care of the security of your property or land, whether this is currently vacant or in use.

We provide nationwide fly-tipping, sharp, and hazardous waste removal solutions, as well as a recycling service.

Our Equipment & Promise

We only use state-of-the-art grab loaders operated by experienced, fully-trained drivers.

We offer:

  • A 32-tonne, eight-wheeled lorry for the collection the bulkiest waste
  • Fully-licensed waste carriers
  • Environment Agency-licensed drivers with years of experience and training
  • Waste treating, disposing, and recycling services, as we aim to send a minimal percentage of it to landfills.
  • Recycle Reports, if needed to produce a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP)
  • Urgent response to any collection requests, whether this is for hazardous, sharp, or fly-tipping waste.
  • We provide our clients with affordable and efficient solutions for all waste removal situations. Upon request, we’ll provide you with a quote that accurately reflects the time, effort and equipment needed to efficiently dispose of your waste. 

The cost of grab loader waste removal can vary depending on:

  • The amount of waste to clear
  • The location of the site and waste to be cleared
  • Access to the location of the waste 
  • The type of waste or bulk material to be removed

We can remove most types of waste but regulations dictate that additional fees are paid for certain types of hazardous waste, therefore removal of the following will incur additional costs and we will quote on a per-job basis:

  • Electrical appliances, fluorescent light tubes, batteries
  • Fridges, freezers and air-conditioning units, TVs and monitors
  • Paints (including residues inside paint cans), solvents, aerosols and gas canisters/bottles
  • Liquids, oil, fuel and other automotive fluids
  • Plasterboard, asbestos, tyres
  • Clinical or medical waste, toxic chemicals or  materials
  • Large tree trunks

Our customer service

We understand that waste removal operations can be a delicate topic that may require a quick, discrete response. That is why we offer a fast and efficient response service wherever possible

We have many years’ experience and expertise and can quickly evaluate your situation, finding the best solution for your circumstances.

We’re always on hand to respond to enquiries. It’s easy to book a collection simply by calling us during normal office hours or completing our contact form.


Grab Lorry Hire

Thinking about hiring a grab lorry, and need to know whether it is suitable for your job. We’ve assembled a guide to answer all of the most common questions we receive about grab lorry hire services. Should there be anything we haven’t answered here, please feel free to give the team a call or contact us via email.

Is There a Maximum Grab Truck Capacity?

Our fleet of grab loaders is designed for heavy-duty work. They have a substantial capacity of up to 16 tonnes per removal load.

Typical materials can include demolition waste, rubble, building materials, rubbish, soil, garden waste and bricks.

All of the Problock grab lorries have 12 cubic metres capacity, with the maximum weight applying to all types of waste.

Problock vehicles are driven by professional drivers and have full waste carriage licenses.

Where Does Problock Offer Grab Lorry Hire?

The team at Problock works with clients across the UK, providing a nationwide service. We cater to commercial clients, businesses, organisations and private individuals.

If you live in a hard to reach area, for example, in a rural location with access limitations or a city centre region with restrictions around loading times, please give the team a call for advice on the best strategy.

Costs of grab loader hire can vary across locations, with other factors including the nature of the waste, type of materials to be disposed of, and access requirements.

What Projects Can I Use a Grab Lorry For?

Grab lorries are ideally suited to pretty much any project or building development where you require the removal of waste, rubbish or by-products.

Typical applications for grab lorry hire include:

  • Specialist removal services for fly-tipped waste.
  • Removal of horse manure or other livestock by-products.
  • Collection of general rubbish, green waste and garden materials.
  • Disposal of inert waste, including bricks, cement, stone and soil.

We cater to large waste disposal requirements with a 32-tonne eight-wheeled grab loader lorry, and all of our drivers are Environment Agency licensed. That ensures we can deal with the recyclable, hazardous or bulky waste and ensure it is disposed of responsibly.

Can a Grab Lorry Remove Any Types of Waste?

Yes! Problock has the appropriate accreditations, licencing and personnel training to manage even hazardous waste.

That might be due to fly-tipping, which can cause significant environmental hazards and health risks and potentially contain sharps.

We are licensed by the Environment Agency and have years of experience and professional knowledge across the spectrum of safe waste removal and management.

We can also manage biological waste and green waste, and horse manure, which requires regular clearance to avoid insect infestations.

How Quickly Can I Book Grab Lorry Hire Through Problock?

Our aim is always to provide outstanding customer service, efficiency and value for money. If you have an urgent requirement, the Problock team can organise a rapid response service.

For example, if you have hazardous waste that requires a prompt clearance, sharps waste posing risk factors or fly-tipped waste that you need to be removed as quickly as possible, we can arrange an urgent deployment service.

Can I Part-Fill a Grab Lorry, Or Does It Have to Be a Full Load?

Should your waste removal capacity not be near the 16-tonne, 12 cubic metre capacity of a grab lorry, get in touch with the team.

Generally, grab truck hire is per load, although in some cases, we can combine half loads to help you reduce your budget.

Even for smaller loads, the hire costs for a grab lorry and qualified driver remain significantly cheaper for a full load than skip hire expenses, the time required to manually remove waste and removal charges!

What Happens If I Have More To Dispose Of Than One Lorry Can Take?

For larger jobs, the Problock team can book our sizable 32-tonne grab loader lorry. Alternatively, if your waste removal requirements are significant, we can offer:

  • Full day hire rates for multiple loads.
  • Booking for repeat collections staggered throughout your project.
  • Repeat visits on the day based on the total number of collections required.

What are the Access Requirements for a Grab Lorry?

Grab lorries are adaptable and use hydraulic arms and buckets to reach over fences and walls, making access as streamlined as possible.

Our standard grab trucks can reach up to eight metres from the vehicle, with a one-tonne grab capacity even at full extension.

This functionality means you won’t need to remove fences, manoeuvre waste into open areas, or worry about access, provided there is space for the grab lorry adjacent to the loading site.