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Concrete Crowd Control Barriers

Concrete barrier blocks are the ideal solution to the problems associated with controlling traffic or car park flow, managing access to a facility or to protect pedestrians on foot. Not only do concrete barriers serve as a significantly more robust and durable solution than plastic alternatives, but our concrete block parking barriers are suitable for use in outdoor car parks, construction sites and vacant properties to deter or control entry when required. Pro Block Security provides a rapid response concrete barrier hire service, quickly delivering parking barriers to sites all over the United Kingdom.

Concrete Blocks For Parking Barriers

We know that parking management at building sites can be challenging. Our precast concrete barrier blocks allow users to construct clearly defined parking areas, restricting traffic to specific areas with and clear signposting. In other cases, they’re used to block off areas of high pedestrian footfall, protecting the public and satisfying criteria as outlined by your risk assessment.

Why concrete barrier blocks for parking management?

Our solutions are highly effective for Facilities Managers needed to add more parking or temporary parking to an outdoor space, for instance. Simply marking out parking areas with painted lines isn’t enough to reduce the risk of serious vehicle related accidents. Preventing access to areas altogether and channeling parking via impact resistant barrier blocks enhances the safety of your operation, leading to a decreased risk of accidents.

Large concrete barriers can also be used to block drivers from accessing restricted areas. Concrete barriers can also improve the visual appearance of a site with a professional look.

There are a number of advantages of using concrete barrier blocks for parking management. Available in a range of sizes, our barriers are interlocking, heavy duty and manufactured to the highest standard. They’re quick and easy to assemble with the right equipment and our rapid response allows for short-notice delivery, allowing you to continue your operation with minimal downtime.

Our concrete parking barriers can be hired on a permanent or temporary basis. Temporary barriers can be used for applications such as construction sites, festivals, perimeter security and, and other short to medium term operations.

About Our Concrete Barrier Blocks
ProBlock TVCB Hire for Events

At Pro Block Security, we can provide a number of concrete block solutions that are suitable for effective parking management:

Jersey Barriers

Jersey barriers are most commonly used in parking management as they are a heavy duty, interlocking solution available in a range of sizes. They allow for a wall or bay to be constructed in any number of configurations and dimensions and can be easily delivered and quickly installed. Jersey barriers also offer excellent pedestrian protection. You can read more about our Jersey Barriers here.

Barriers with Heras Fencing

If you need extra height or anti climb functionality, we can provide Heras fencing with our specialised concrete barrier solutions. Ideal for securing your car park perimeter, our fences stand at 3M high in combination with the block, providing a physical concrete barrier with a high-level pedestrian barrier with visibility beyond the barrier. Read more about our barriers with Heras fencing here.

ProBlock 3 Meter Concrete Barrier With Heras Fencing
Why Choose Pro Block Security for parking barrier hire?

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable concrete barriers hire solution, then get in touch. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure that our solutions meet your project requirements and safety needs and that you’re fully satisfied with the final project. Once our parking barriers are installed, we will maintain communication and be on hand to assist with any issues.
Pro Block is a trusted supplier of security solutions for a range of business, from vacant property protection to construction site and car park security as well as emergency services. With years of experience and expertly trained staff, we can deliver your concrete barrier blocks very quickly, preventing any operational delays.

We provide robust barriers for events as well as long term projects such as highway construction. No matter your needs, whether your project requires Jersey barriers or TVCBs, our team is happy to help.

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