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Concrete Crowd Control Barriers

Concrete blocks provide an economical and efficient crowd control solution to maintain a clear and secure barrier between attendees and potentially dangerous hazards. Our concrete crowd barrier blocks are available for short and long term hire and can be delivered to your event site on short notice to ensure your event satisfies security standards. If you’re organising a concert, gig, festival, parade or any other outdoor event, concrete barriers are a robust and approved way to keep your attendees safe.

Using Concrete Blocks For Events/Crowd Control

Functions in public spaces must be controlled, but arranging protection is challenging. Bars and restaurants, outdoor concert venues and parks, and even city centre events require a level of crowd control for safety reasons, incident prevention and insurance purposes.

Concrete barrier blocks can be quickly installed in place to keep people and vehicles away from restricted areas. They can also be used to channel the flow of people in specific directions and to help prevent overcrowding. Our concrete blocks can be lined up side by side or stacked up to create a taller barricade if required.

At Pro Block, we offer a wide range of bespoke concrete crowd control barriers that can be tailored specifically to your needs. If pedestrian safety is a concern for you, or you need to protect the public at an event, our team can help.

About Our Concrete Barrier Blocks
ProBlock TVCB Hire for Events

We offer a wide variety of concrete barriers for traffic management, from TVCB’s to Interlocking concrete blocks. Our recommended solution is based on your individual project needs so do get in touch with our team here and we can advise on the most appropriate solution for you.


Our TVC Barriers are crash tested thoroughly and built to withstand a heavy vehicular impact. They are designed and created with high-quality concrete, able to protect pedestrians and offer a safe working environment for event workers. If you are hosting an event and need some help with traffic flow for the crows, our TVC Barriers are an excellent solution.
Read more about our TVCB’s here. 

Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are a popular option for premises security, as they provide reliable protection against collisions with vehicles. When it comes to crowd control, Jersey Barriers are an excellent way to protect your group from traffic, hostile vehicles and terrorist attacks. They are interlocking barriers, so you can install them quickly and offer excellent protection for the crowd. Read more about our jersey barriers here.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking barriers can be laid side by side as the name suggests creating a solid, sturdy barrier between traffic and pedestrians. The main benefit of interlocking barriers is that they can create a wall without breaks, but parts can be easily removed and rearranged to allow access as and when necessary. Interlocking concrete barriers are particularly beneficial for controlling traffic in areas where public access should be limited, but permitted access (via a lockable gate) may regularly be required to move necessary vehicles, tools and equipment to the site. Read more about our Interlocking Concrete Barriers.

Barriers with Heras Fencing

Hiring a concrete barrier with additional Heras fencing is the ideal solution when you need extra height or anti climb properties. Barriers with Heras fencing are a great solution for perimeter protection standing at 3M high including the concrete block. Heras Fencing is easily secured into the block design. This concrete block style allows for visibility beyond the barrier, too, which makes it a great option for crowd control situations or protecting the perimeter of your event.
Read more about our barriers with Heras fencing.

ProBlock 3 Meter Concrete Barrier With Heras Fencing
Why Choose Pro Block Security for crowd barrier hire?

With our years of experience and highly trained team, we guaranteed a professional service. We know how to deliver excellence, and we are a trusted provider of concrete barrier hire solutions for crowd control and more. Not only do we provide crowd control barriers, but we can also offer solutions for construction businesses, emergency services, property owners, and larger retailers. Whether you are hosting an event and require barriers that will keep ticket holders in and others out, or you are trying to control traffic, we can provide a full assessment and an appropriate solution. Our team can help you to decide which concrete blocks would be best for your circumstances.

No matter your needs, whether your project requires interlocking blocks or Jersey barriers, our team is happy to help. We can deliver efficiency and a fast concrete barrier hire service to your event, and our team can help you to ensure that you get the best possible service.

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