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Concrete Blocks For Traffic Management

Concrete barriers can be used to direct and control traffic in construction, event planning, landscaping or a wide variety of other applications. Our traffic barriers can be used in both long term and short term projects, giving complete separation between pedestrians and moving vehicles. Our delivery service includes full installation to any UK mainland location and placement to your exact requirements. Speak to the team today for a free quotation.

Using Concrete Blocks as Traffic Management Barriers

You may want to prevent vehicular access to certain spaces for public protection, to protect construction workers on motorways or to prevent unauthorised vehicle access to your site. Concrete barriers are an effective solution for traffic management due to their high impact resistance and general strength. For those looking for a more robust solution than plastic barriers or heras fencing, a concrete solution is ideal. What’s more, our concrete barriers can be combined with Heras fencing to reinforce the barrier or can be used with parking gates for access control. Our concrete barriers allow you to safely direct the flow of traffic or manage the speed of traffic in select locations.

About Our Concrete Barrier Blocks
ProBlock TVCB Hire for Events

We offer a wide variety of concrete barriers for traffic management, from TVCB’s to Interlocking concrete blocks. Our recommended solution is based on your individual project needs so do get in touch with our team here and we can advise on the most appropriate solution for you.


TVCBs, or “Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers” are designed for creating temporary safe environments by preventing vehicle access to secured or private locations. 

Out TVCB barriers conform to British Standard EN1317 and are able to be installed on public roadways. Not all barriers meet this standard. 

TVCBs include creating safe public spaces for events (such as Christmas markets), marathons, sporting events, festivals, protests or other group occasions. They prevent vehicles from accessing areas where large groups of people may be occupying roads or other spaces that vehicles may otherwise have free access to. They can also be used to direct and slow the speed of traffic in high traffic areas. Read more about our TVCB’s here. 

Jersey Barriers

Jersey Barriers are a perfect option for traffic management. While their primary use tends to be safely and effectively separating traffic, they have various other applications too, such as protecting properties, buildings, land and more from unwanted access or trespassers. If you have a high profile building to protect, or want to protect a high footfall pedestrian space, they can also successfully protect against ram raids and other kinds of malicious vehicle use. Read more about our jersey barriers here.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Interlocking barriers can be laid side by side as the name suggests creating a solid, sturdy barrier between traffic and pedestrians. The main benefit of interlocking barriers is that they can create a wall without breaks, but parts can be easily removed and rearranged to allow access as and when necessary. Interlocking concrete barriers are particularly beneficial for controlling traffic in construction sites, where public access should be limited, but permitted access (via a gate) may regularly be required to move necessary vehicles, tools and equipment to the site. Read more about our Interlocking Concrete Barriers.

Barriers with Heras Fencing

We can supply concrete barriers with Heras fencing to simultaneously prevent vehicle access as well as pedestrian access. Heras fencing prevents pedestrians from simply climbing over standard concrete blocks into a high traffic area. Our barriers with Heras fencing place two metre high fences on top of a one metre high block, creating a three metre high barrier to effectively create a secure barrier between vehicles and pedestrians. Read more about our barriers with Heras fencing.

ProBlock 3 Meter Concrete Barrier With Heras Fencing
Why Choose Pro Block Security for concrete traffic barriers?

Available for hire across the UK, ProBlock is able to deliver robust concrete traffic barriers to your site at short notice if your security needs are urgent. Our concrete blocks are available in various different shapes, sizes and weights, meaning that we’ll be able to provide the ideal barriers for your individual project needs. We provide a full consultation in which we assess and analyse your needs and preferences and provide a reliable solution at a competitive price. We have 30 years’ experience in the industry, so you can rest assured that we will provide a top quality service alongside products that adhere to UK regulations. 

ProBlock Concrete Barrier Delivery
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