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Concrete Blocks For Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Concrete barrier blocks can be used in multiple applications including hostile vehicle mitigation. Our concrete barriers are used to protect those living in urban environments from threats such as terrorist attacks using vehicles. We provide a full range of concrete barriers, blocks and bollards to form a protective barrier or perimeter and can also supply more aesthetically pleasing concrete planters in high visibility and public spaces to ensure vehicles cannot breach high footfall environments.

What Is Hostile Vehicle Mitigation?

Hostile vehicle mitigation (HVM) is defined as the prevention of damage or harm to people or buildings from vehicles. HVM is typically a consideration around offices and city centre areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. You may have seen the HVM installations in various forms across some of London’s bridges, implemented following a series of terrorist attacks. Hostile vehicle mitigation solutions need to be carefully planned and spaced in a way that prevents any hostile vehicle from accessing vulnerable areas.

The Need For HVM
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Hostile vehicles can cause considerable damage to buildings and other property as well as significant threat to life for pedestrians near to busy roads and precincts. Businesses and planners have become increasingly aware of the risk of terrorist attacks or even potential vehicle related accidents and the threat they pose to both property and the people who frequent open public spaces. There is not one solution that will absolutely guarantee the safety of the general public in a specific area so it is crucial that a multi-tiered approach to security is taken including erecting a physical, solid barrier as part of the range of hostile vehicle mitigation solutions.

Hostile vehicle management measures should also be implemented for popup or temporary events. Short term events such as fairs or festivals will need appropriate safety measures to protect attendees. HVM is also needed in temporary worksites for construction or other projects frequently to help protect workers.

Concrete Blocks For HVM

Using concrete blocks for hostile vehicle management is an easy and inexpensive way to protect not only your property, but also the many people who frequently occupy the area. Our concrete barrier blocks include pre-cast concrete barriers, jersey barriers, interlocking concrete blocks and temporary vertical concrete blocks; however, we can also provide planters or other solutions to match your current aesthetic. PBS offer a rapid response service, providing concrete blocks in as little as 24 hours if the conditions are suitable.

Other Concrete Block Applications

Pro Block Security can provide concrete barrier blocks for a range of applications such as construction site security, event planning, landscaping, vacant property security, or car park security. We provide a quick and inexpensive way to secure open areas and discourage fly tipping, squatters and unwanted vehicle access. Our solutions are use to control traffic, build a retaining wall, create a security barrier, create a material bin, or as a counterweight.

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