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Manned Guarding and Dog Units

PBS carries out contracts throughout the UK for manned guarding, with or without dogs. Our fully licensed and expertly trained security officers work with a wide range of different clients in varied market sectors.

Manned Guarding Services

We can provide security officers on a single site or, if necessary, we can manage multiple sites over a wider area. Beyond static security, we can offer mobile patrols and guard dogs. In our experience, this is one of the most effective ways to deter or apprehend intruders quickly. 

Pro Blocks security works closely with a wide range of different sectors, handling security needs of construction, corporate, and commercial businesses. Our security guards are not just deployed to act as a deterrent or patrol buildings. They can also fulfil other roles such as crowd control for example. Our high standards and quality training programs ensure that our guards are always fully equipped to deal with common security scenarios

Manned guard duties include: 

  • Protecting buildings from break-ins or vandalism. 
  • Preventing the theft of property, or the unlawful damage of property. 
  • Guarding individuals against others that may seek to harm them in some way. 

Dog Units

A well trained canine unit is very adaptable and can be useful in a wide variety of situations, whether it is a one-off event or a long term contract. PBS dog handlers have experience working with large and small businesses providing constant monitoring and protection of the site, giving you peace of mind that your event or property is protected. 

Reasons to hire a canine unit:

  • The cost of a guard with a dog is lower than two guards. 
  • Dogs have superior hearing that can detect intruders before a human does. 
  • Dogs can easily detect explosives or illegal drugs using their heightened sense of smell.
  • At fast speeds, a dog will easily catch any intruder. 

Intruders are more likely to be afraid of a security guard with a dog, therefore, it is a more effective deterrent than a sole security guard.

Why Choose PBS?

Security is a priority for all businesses, and it’s important that it is handled efficiently. PBS can deal with a wide range of security needs ranging from vacant property security through to manned guarding. Our clients benefit from our years of experience and expertise in the security industry. 

PBS is dedicated to providing our clients with a better standard of security than anybody in the industry, and we have multiple industry-leading partners to prove that. Our experience extends into a wide range of industries, including water authorities, construction businesses, transport sites, and assisting police authorities.

Contact Our Man Guarding Team Today

If you are interested in our services, get in touch with PBS and speak to somebody to learn more about our man guarding team.