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Wireless Alarms

Wireless alarms need no connection to mains power to be fully operational. They are a smart solution when securing a site or void property as there is typically no mains power available as the site services may not yet be connected, or have been temporarily switched off. PBS provides installation, set up and monitoring of wireless alarm systems designed to immediately notify you or your security team should there be a security breach.

Monitored Alarms

The alarm is a monitored, freestanding, wireless GSM (mobile network) alarm system powered by a battery and designed specifically for use on empty commercial and residential properties where no mains power or telephone line is available to use.

Fully independent and self-sufficient, the portable alarm system can be fitted, commissioned, verified and effectively working to protect your property within 20 minutes. 

Temporary Alarm Features

Having supplied commercial and domestic properties with alarm systems for many years, we have designed our alarm to include a host of features in response to client needs. The monitored solo alarm includes the following features:

  • No mains power, telephone line or internet access necessary for the system to work
  • Lit up keypad and backlit LCD
  • Straightforward messaging with on-screen instructions
  • Lone-worker protection: panic button with built-in shock sensor
  • Regular heartbeats indicating the systems functional status
  • Simple one-button arm
  • Auto-arming at a variable pre-set time to ensure property protection
  • Monitoring 24/7
  • PIN codes personalized to customers’ preference
  • Priority levels of PIN code with daily ‘one use’ PIN codes available
  • 5 year battery life

Multi Sensor Capability

It’s important that a wireless alarm system can detect a wide range of changes in the area of surveillance. Stored within a bespoke-made heavy-duty steel case, the Solo Alarm can be set to detect movement, smoke, fire, water and gas. Should the alarm detect a change in any one of these elements, updates are sent directly to a monitoring station or to your security team with all relevant information and proposed action. 

Extra wire-free movement detectors can be put in place throughout the property and when triggered, will activate a 110db alarm. Once triggered, the alarm unit will immediately signal our 24/7 alarm monitoring centre (or the client direct) via the mobile network. 

Contact our temporary alarm team today

To speak to a member of our team about the installation of a temporary alarm system, get in touch with us on 0207 856 2016, and one of our team will come back to you within one working day.