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Fly-tipping Removal

Fly-tipping on unoccupied property, unsecured sites and open land is a very common occurrence if the correct steps aren’t taken to prevent it. In most cases, illegally dumped waste contains hazardous materials such as asbestos and so will need specialist handling.

Fly tipping clearance services

PBS offers a two-fold solution to tackle fly-tipping. Firstly, we provide security solutions designed to prevent unwanted waste. However, if your site has already been affected by fly-tipping, we provide thorough removal services as part of our fully property protection solution. Fly-tipping removal teams are licensed by the Environmental Agency, and have had many years’ experience clearing fly-tipped or unwanted waste.

What is Fly-tipping?

Fly-tipping can be described as an unethical depositing of waste on land without consent of the land owner. This occurs more frequently in spacious areas such as fields and woods. However there have been several cases in construction sites or vacant property around London and other urban areas. 

This has a major impact on the environment as it attracts rodents and contaminates our surroundings. More importantly this could harm humans and animals that come into contact with the waste, which is why it’s essential to be removed efficiently and quickly.

Our fly-tipping service

As an organisation we take pride in our environment and look after it as best as we can. It is vital for us as a community to help each other to control fly-tipping to prevent the deterioration of our environment. We are contracted by many commercial entities to protect vacant properties, car parks and constructions sites, offering fly-tipping removal as well as hazardous waste removal, extreme cleaning services and even concrete barrier solutions. Our fly-tipping clean up service is delivered alongside our vacant property security or site clearance solutions.

Why Choose Pro Block Security?

We ensure all waste is efficiently and legally removed from your site.

We take full responsibility when it comes to disposing of waste, making sure it is handled by licences waste transfer stations.

Our fly-tipping removal staff are experienced in dealing with hazardous materials, sharps and needles as well as pest control should the unwanted waste contain these items.

Through our industry partners, we have been providing commercial vacant property protection for over 35 years and have worked with police authorities and large construction businesses.

Contact our fly-tipping prevention team today

If you would like to find out more about our site security or fly-tipping solutions, call us today on 0207 856 2016. Alternatively use the contact form below and we will come back to you within one working day. We also offer sharps and need removal, grab lorry hire and hazardous waste removal.