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Hazardous Waste Disposal

PBS provides a comprehensive and fully regulated biohazard or hazardous waste removal service. Our clients and partners can rest assured that our specialist hazardous waste removal teams are thoroughly trained and regulated by the Environmental Agency. We can safely decontaminate your infected area leaving the space clean, safe and free from the risk of disease. 

What are biohazardous materials?

Biohazardous materials which are described as any biological substance that poses serious or potentially fatal risks. This encompasses materials such as human blood, animal detritus, remains and bedding material carrying an infection, infectious scientific waste, and sharp debris including materials like glass which poses a risk to health and safety.

Low risk and high risk biohazards

Low-level low risk biohazards are the ones that pose minimal risks to human health and surroundings and can therefore be easily removed. This includes diseases such as: chicken pox, e-coli and canine hepatitis.

The biohazards that pose the highest risk in the UK are the ones that are easily transmitted and can cause serious illness or fatalities. They are often passed on through direct contact with diseased substances or materials and encompass infections such as Salmonella and HIV. These infections pose the largest and most preventable risk to human health since they are often spread by effects left by trespassers or squatters.

Why use our biohazard disposal service?
ProBlock Fly Tipping Waste Clearance

Trained teams provide a biohazard removal and disposal service for commercial, domestic, local government and Police services. We’re also trained in effective trauma and crime scene clean up, assisting the police and public services when called upon. Our biohazard sanitisation experts have worked on many blood sanitisation and highly sensitive clean-up operations.

PBS’s biohazard disposal and biohazard sanitation teams can be dispatched extremely quickly to any biohazard waste removal need and will efficiently and skilfully ensure the environment is left secure, liaising with appropriate third parties in the process. The serious risk posed by biohazards should not be overlooked and it is unsafe to try any kind of disposal without proper expert training and equipment. PBS can supply a competent, knowledgeable and highly trained team of biohazard removal & disposal experts at the drop of a hat.

Contact our hazardous waste removal team today

If you are interested in our hazardous waste removal services, get in touch with PBS and speak to somebody to learn more. We also offer fly-tipping removal, grab lorry hire and sharps waste disposal