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PBS Sharps Disposal Service

Sharp materials such as needles, broken glass and razors pose a threat to both nearby members of the public and those clearing the materials. Due to the risks posed, sharps removal should only be carried out by a professionally trained team. This is the safest and most effective way to dispose of potentially dangerous sharp items. At PBS we can dispose of all sharps safely and legally, with the utmost care. As a licensed waste carrier, we offer a comprehensive sharps disposal service to include sharps bin disposal and syringe and needle clearance.

What is classed as Sharps waste?

Items that are classed as sharps include syringes, test tubes, vials, hypodermic needles, scalpels, razors, and razor blades, knives, scissors, pipettes, blades, and glass – both broken or intact.

The Dangers Of Sharps Waste Removal

The clearance and disposal of sharps is an extremely dangerous activity and should be left to the professionals. Sharps removal, if not done properly, can not only result in life-threatening injuries, but it can even be a fatal task.

During the removal of sharps waste, you’ll come into contact with devices or objects such as used needles, scalpels, or blades that can puncture or lacerate the skin or which have already been used to puncture or lacerate someone else’s skin. Sharps also include bio-hazardous waste such as glass laboratory slides and some plastics which must be carefully handled from collection to disposal.

Where is Sharps waste found?

Sharps waste is typically found in controlled environments such as hospitals, clinical environments, laboratories, and training centres and, if handled correctly, poses a low threat to public health and safety. However, sharps are also found in areas such as unsecured vacant properties that have been compromised by vandals and squatters or anywhere that is at risk of being used by drug takers. 

It is not uncommon in certain areas for drug users to leave behind sharps such as drug-related paraphernalia like needles, glass pipes, metal/foil, tubes, and syringes. These items present a very dangerous and real health hazard to the public and, if handled incorrectly, can be highly infectious with pathogens such as Hepatitis and HIV. Not only are they sharp but if they have been used they also carry fluids from bodies such as blood and can carry infections which can be passed on to you and other people. 

It is also common for vandals and squatters to leave a less-threatening but nevertheless still a dangerous mess, such as broken glass within a property. This increases the risk of injury to a site clearance team.

Which Sharps Can We Remove?

PBS is skilled in the safe removal of all waste and hazards from all types of property – be it residential, commercial, or industrial. Not only do we have the skills, but we are also very experienced in the safe clearance and disposal of broken glass and other dangerous sharps and hazardous materials. 

Our clearance teams are well trained in how to locate and safely remove any sharps and needles, and we are also licensed to dispose of all sharps waste. The clearance of sharps is a dangerous business; just one false move could result in life-threatening injury. Don’t take the risk, call Problock today for a first-class sharps removal service.

Why Choose PBS?

PBS has been clearing sharps waste and rubbish from both domestic and commercial sites for over two decades and is highly regarded in the industry. At PBS, we work with industry accredited experienced partners, which means that we can act as your single point of contact for all security or waste clearance related services.

Licensed by the Environment Agency to remove sharps, PBS not only has the skills and experience to undertake these dangerous jobs, but we also offer an extensive range of waste clearance services, which range from hazardous waste removal to fly tipping removal. We are committed to delivering the very highest standards for every single client to ensure the health and safety of the public. 

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