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Concrete Barrier Hire

Concrete barriers provide a fast and effective solution to protect properties, unoccupied buildings, private land, industrial estates and construction sites.

Concrete Barrier Hire

We have a range of concrete barriers for hire in a variety of weights and sizes to suit your project.

Typically, concrete barriers will be interlocked or overlapped to suit the size of opening that requires protection. Where access for plant and machinery to a site is required, a gate designed to attach to concrete blocks can be installed.

Precast Concrete Barriers

The ProBlock Security precast concrete barriers are ideal for boundary and perimeter security, public space protection or traffic and parking management.

Precast concrete barriers are perfect for protecting business properties, vacant pubs and care homes, unoccupied dwellings or industrial and construction sites. We have a range of barriers so you can hire the right type for your security needs.

Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers

PBS Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier

Crash tested, built to withstand high vehicle impact our TVCBs, or Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers, are purpose-designed from high quality concrete to protect workers and pedestrians.

The TVCBs provide a safe working environment for construction on roads and are in areas where workers and the public are faced with high volumes of traffic.

They are also used as effective traffic barriers, to control traffic flow or to provide perimeter security for private property.

Find out more about hiring Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers.

Jersey Barriers

PBS Jersey Barrier

Jersey barriers are perfect for anti-vehicle protection, edge and premises security.

When used around perimeters they provide strong protection against vehicle collisions. They are also ideal for traffic rerouting and traffic management during construction works –  helping to improve pedestrian safety during construction projects.

Cast from high quality concrete, our interlocking jersey barriers are easy to install and provide excellent protection.

Find out more about hiring Jersey concrete barriers.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

Our interlocking concrete blocks are built to provide a robust security solution for a wide range of projects.

Interlocking blocks are available a variety of sizes from 2 to 10 nodes and usage ranges from providing perimeter security and traffic management, to storage systems, retaining walls, flood defence or erecting temporary structures. 

Find out more about hiring interlocking concrete blocks.

Barriers with Heras Fencing

Our Heras fenced barriers are the ideal solution when you need to rent a concrete barrier integrated with fencing to provide additional height. This is important for perimeter protection to prevent public access or when security and visibility need to be balanced.

The 3m fenced concrete barrier is designed specifically to allow standard Heras Fencing to be secured into the block’s design. Heras Fencing allows for additional visibility beyond the barrier so is ideal for demarcation at events or in crowd control situations.

Find out more about hiring concrete barriers with fencing.

Why Choose Pro Block Security?

Our teams have many years experience and we know how to deliver on the promise of excellent service. We’re trusted to provide concrete barrier hire solutions to construction businesses, police authorities, emergency services, national property owners and large retailers.

Hiring Concrete Barriers with ProBlock Security

Whatever your need for concrete barriers, Whether your project needs Jersey barriers, Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers, Interlocking Blocks or Heras Fencing Blocks, we’re here to help and will deliver quickly and efficiently. if you’re not sure what you need, call us as our team is on-hand to help.

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Concrete Block Hire FAQs

Read more about our concrete barrier hire services below.

How many blocks can I have delivered at any one time?

We own, manage and run a fleet of vehicles, the two load sizes are 6 blocks for our Hiab lorry (crane unloading) and 10 blocks for our Moffett M8 30.3 trailer unloading.  All vehicles are fully insured, our drivers and trained and experienced.

Are all your blocks delivered using a lorry mounted crane or is there an alternative?

As well as our lorry mounted crane, we also have a Moffett M8 30.3 trailer mounted forklift with a professional trained and experienced driver.  The good thing about the Moffett forklift is we can deliver blocks to almost anywhere on your site, ground conditions allow and this forklift gets into places that the crane lorry cannot.

Do you offer a range of concrete barriers and blocks to suit my site?

We stock a larger number of concrete barriers, from our initial discussion or site survey we can establish what block fits your purpose exactly.  Each site is different, as are the security risks but our experienced surveyor will be able to identify the risks and problems associated with your site and recommend the best concrete barrier for you.

Do you operate 24/7?

Yes we do, with over 30 years of experience in this industry we are more than aware that our clients’ needs are not just working hours Monday – Friday and generally speaking when our services are required, it is normally outside of traditional working hours.

Can you bolt your blocks together?

Yes we can, subject to the ground conditions allowing.  Because the bolts are an M24 heavy duty steel bolt they fit very tightly inside the recesses of the blocks and therefore ground conditions generally have to be in fairly good order for bolting to take place. But where possible we strongly recommend that blocks are bolted together.

How heavy are your blocks?

Our standard concrete block that we use for security weighs approx.. 2.5 tonne but we do have a range of blocks from 1 tonne to 5 tonnes and with our standard block they can be bolted together which makes it harder to be moved.

Do you offer a Nationwide service?

Yes we do, we run and operate our own fleet of lorries and have trusted sub-contractors that we have worked very closely with over a number of years. All of our sub-contractors adhere to our code of practice and are regularly audited by ProBlock to ensure that each one their jobs is carried to the high standards that we insist on at ProBlock for all of our works, We also take pictures of every installation, attendance and removal to ensure what has been agreed with our clients is delivered on their sites.

Concrete blocks can look offensive and draconian, do you offer an alternative that looks less aggressive?

On sites where aesthetics are important or even if you are looking to soften the look of your security due to neighbour complaints etc we can offer effectively concrete blocks that have recesses in them that allows us to put plants in them.  Although the concrete block is still present and offers excellent security by using them as a planter it instantly softens and improves the aesthetics of the security measures.

Can you place the blocks anywhere on the site I require?

Subject to ground and operating conditions, then yes we can. We may have to take in consideration height restrictions and we always look to secure each site on an individual basis, sometimes it is not just enough to put concrete blocks across the entrance and exit points you need to assess any fence lines, grass verges and other areas that may be vulnerable to attach.  The cost of removing fly-tipping can be really expensive therefore assessing the integrity of your site is paramount to preventing large scale fly-tipping of vacant sites.

Are you prepared to survey the site before installation?

Yes we are and we would prefer to do this.  All of our surveyors are time served and have years of experience in the protection of vacant property and sites, our surveyors will spot and identify areas of weakness and potential security risks where possibly the untrained will not see, by allowing our surveyors access to your site to carry out a survey we can give you a full report and a complete budgeted cost analysis on how to protect your site.

Do you supply gates?

We have a range of gates to suit the customers’ needs, these range from 3m to 4.5m depending on the size of the opening the customer requires, we also manufacture gates at short notice to fix a specific requirement or need,  In the past we have built pedestrian gates and barn style gates for different sites and this can be achieved in a minimal amount of time as we have our fabricating division.  All our gates come with high security padlocks and are installed by trained and experienced engineers.  We normally secure the gate posts using concrete blocks or can fit them more permanently to the sites as required subject to a full survey to assess ground conditions.