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Vacant Property Security

When sites are left vacant they are a natural target for thieves, squatters and other unwanted intruders. If you are the owner of any empty properties or unoccupied land, then physical protection against unauthorised entry is paramount.

Steel Doors
Keyless Steel Security Door

Standard doors, even when they are fitted with multiple locks, are in no way a match for an unrelenting intruder or a group of squatters that are hell-bent on taking ownership of a property.

Installing a steel security door can provide a lasting and steadfast solution to securing your vacant property. 

Our steel security doors can be fitted to replace existing doors, are designed for easy control of access to authorised persons.

Steel doors are available in two options; Premium Keyless and Standard Key-operated. 

Keyless Steel Security Door
Standard Key-operated Steel Security Door

These doors, which have been manufactured from heavy-duty plate steel, are designed to be securely installed and can be fitted to an opening of any size. 

Features include: 

  • Highly visible deterrent
  • Effective physical barrier
  • Heavy duty, folded & webbed steel construction
  • Purpose designed & built
  • Secured from the inside, causing no damage to the existing frame

The key-operated steel doors can offer a cost-effective and secure solution to your security needs, especially if authorised persons have easy access to keys.

Premium Keyless Steel Security Door

Our keyless steel security doors have been tested to the highest standard and remain first-class in their design.

Features include: 

  • Keyless entry with a unique 5-digit code
  • Rapid installation, causing no damage to the existing frame
  • Exceptional independent locking system
  • Impossible to be taken down by cutting-off the hinges
  • Quick & easy exit – you can never get locked-in 

The keyless steel security doors are usually installed along with our wireless monitored alarm system and the steel security screens for windows, leaving you with a fully secure site.

Steel Screens

Whilst standard doors can be replaced by high security temporary steel doors, windows are also an obvious point of entry and they too will need to be secure. 

Our rigid security screens are manufactured to enable quick installation on site and are made from zinc-coated perforated steel. They can be mounted to most window openings. Screens are installed using tamper proof fixings and are designed to cause minimal damage to the existing window frame.

Other features include:

  • Highly effective visual deterrent
  • High-level physical protection
  • Perforated to allow in light and ventilation
  • Fire resistant

If your requirements are for a delicate window opening or structure, we will use perforated steel sheet that can be cut to shape on site. Where we can, we will only use a single sheet of steel for each window or opening, not several smaller sheets that have to be fastened together.

Vacant Property Security Steel Screens
Verified Video Alarm
ProBlock Verified Video Camera On Pole

Our verified video alarm is a battery-powered system, available as an internal and external alarm solution, which sends when triggered a short-encrypted video clip, via the mobile network, to a pre-set recipient or monitoring station.

The verified video alarm system can recognise a range of activation types, cleverly ensuring that the monitoring service determines the right course of action for either the security service or police to be deployed.

There are several choices available, with the option to have indoor and outdoor PIR cameras for visibility both day and night.

Up to 4 years battery life for all devices and the control panel.

ProBlock Verified Video Camera On Pole
Temporary CCTV

Our temporary CCTV and video solutions have been designed, in addition to the ability to operate without the need for a power supply on-site, to capture and send live footage to a remote monitoring station.

All of our temporary CCTV and video solutions can be tailored to suit the requirements of the situation, property or location.

They are the perfect solution for situations that require rapid-deploy CCTV and remote visual recording, whether that be for an event, to monitor a crowd or to protect against illegal intrusion, theft or anti-social behaviour.

Cameras can be setup for event-triggered recording, or constant recording, and can be used in daylight, low-light or even complete darkness with infrared lighting.

Other Services

Empty Property Security Frequently Asked Questions

What experience do you have in protecting vacant property and sites

We are fortunate that we have gathered some of the most senior managers in the industry in one place, and together we have over 30 years’ experience not just dealing with concrete blocks but also dealing with every type and aspect of vacant property security, whether it is a single security door or a complete care home we have tailored packages that include steel screening, alarms and temporary CCTV.  No one site is the same as another and our surveyors will be more than happy to discuss your exact needs, risks and fears to ensure that the best possible protection is given to your site.

Do you have security accreditations

Yes we do, through the large number of years in this industry we have built up and impressive number of accreditations, not just in the security industry but with other outside accreditation houses, for instance, Safe Contractor, Exor, Construction Line, Chas etc to name but a few but for our full listings please see our accreditation page and associated links on this website.

Why should I protect the car parks to my empty properties?

To fly-tippers and illegal encampments car parks offer a gold mine of opportunity, generally the Police and local authority do not get involved in or act on fly-tipping or illegal occupation of privately owned commercial sites, they consider this a civil matter and will not intervene regardless of how blatant the fly-tipping occupations are.  The cost to remove fly-tipping is an expensive business and often one unprotected car park can suffer 50 or 60 loads of waste that could be made up of general household waste, contaminated waste, tyres etc and these are difficult to remove and extremely costly.  Illegal occupation is equally as expensive and time consuming due to the court system, bailiffs and a whole host of other factors. By simply protecting your site with a physical concrete barrier this could be enough to deter would be fly-tippers and illegal encampments.

Are you a transport company?

No we are not a transport company. Problock does not and never has transported goods for or on behalf of other people All of our vehicles are owned and operated by ProBlock purely for the delivery and installation of security equipment and concrete blocks, we are the only specialist security, concrete block provider in the market.

Do you carry out civil works?

No we do not. Problock carries out security solutions for vacant properties and sites throughout the UK, our primary goal is the security and protection of your asset.  We want to make sure that once we have installed our security equipment, solution etc your site or building is as safe from vandals, illegal occupation, fly-tippers etc.

Do you have any other solutions to protect my vacant property?

No we do not. Problock carries out security solutions for vacant properties and sites throughout the UK, our primary goal is the security and protection of your asset.  We want to make sure that once we have installed our security equipment, solution etc your site or building is as safe from vandals, illegal occupation, fly-tippers etc.

Do you have any other solutions to protect my vacant property?

We have over 30 years’ experience in this sector and have a range of solutions to protect vacant properties and vacant sites. We offer free site surveys and consultations to discuss your needs and requirements and work with you, come up with the best solutions for your properties.  No property or site is the same, all require a different level of security and represent a different level of risk, we work with our clients to achieve the level of security they or their insurers require

Our site has a number of security issues, do you offer a free consultation and advice on protecting our site?

As a company ProBlock prefers to carry out full site surveyors, this way we feel that by carrying out a full surveyor we can protect and advise our clients to the highest standard.  No one site is the same as another and therefore all security solutions need to be tailored to the individual site as required, our experienced and trained surveyors have been carrying out these types of surveyors for a number of years and all of them have the potential to spot risk and vulnerable points where maybe the less experienced would miss.