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Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier

A TVCB, or Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier (also known as a V28 barrier) is a concrete barrier block solution that is ideal for creating safe environments by preventing unauthorised vehicle access in any situation.

TVCB Dimensions

PBS Temporary Vertical Concrete Barrier


3000 mm


800 mm


450 mm


2500 kg


Our delivery service includes full installation to any location and placement to your exact requirements. Speak to the team today for a free quotation to protect your property.

We can provide BS EN 1317 approved, crash tested, interlocking TVCBs to your site quickly and reliably.

Our TVCBs, or Temporary Vertical Concrete Barriers, are typically used to provide a physical barrier to unauthorised entry as well as providing traffic or pedestrian management.

Our versatile TVCBs are also ideal for closing off unoccupied areas such as car parks, open land or construction sites. TVCBs are perfect for temporary traffic control applications too such as preventing impact with road workers, and can also be used for HVM (Hostile Vehicle Mitigation).

Available for hire across the UK, ProBlock is able to deliver quality TVCBs to your site at short notice if your security needs are urgent. Our heavy duty, 2500 kg TVCBs are ideal for multiple situations in preventing vehicle access. Our lorries have the ability to place them side by side and over existing gates and fences.

Read below to find out more about TVCB hire and how we can provide the right barrier solution for you – and contact our team today to discuss your project.

What is a TVCB?

A TVCB, or a temporary vertical concrete barrier, (also known as a V28 barrier) is a 2500kg concrete barrier block solution that is ideal for creating safe environments by preventing unauthorised vehicle access in any given environment.

Our TVCB barriers are available for hire and can be delivered and installed to any location in the UK.

Our TVCBs are easy to install on site with our specialist grab load and fork-lift if required.


Preventing unauthorised access to large areas such as construction sites, car parks forecourts etc.

Protecting those on foot, or pedestrians from the dangers of traffic flow traffic by creating a safe working environment for those working in high traffic areas.

Directing and maintaining the flow of traffic.

Providing traffic management at large public events such as festivals or regular sporting events.

As a counterweight for scaffolding and fencing.

Prevent vehicle related terrorist attacks by protecting areas with large numbers of people (HVM)

Why Choose Pro Block Security?

Pro Block Security provides reliable perimeter security for a wide range of applications across the UK.

We are concrete barrier specialists in:

Boundary and perimeter security – Our concrete barrier solutions are perfect for protecting boundaries and are especially effective in preventing trespassers, fly tippers and even vandals from entering the protected area.

Public space protection – Our concrete barrier solutions provide an effective way to prevent vehicle access to public spaces in order to protect the public and help prevent terrorist attacks.

Parking management – Our solutions allow you to create clearly defined temporary parking areas or to block any unoccupied parking areas to prevent illegal access.

Traffic management for events – Events typically create congestion issues needing traffic management control. Our concrete barrier blocks help to control and direct traffic to reduce congestion and keep traffic flowing whilst protecting marshals and other workers.

Highway worker protection – Our concrete barrier blocks are crash tested and can act as an effective barrier for those working in areas of high road traffic such as road and motorway works.

We also offer:

To hire TVCB barriers, call us on 0207 856 0216 or contact us using the form below.