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Video Verified Alarms

Whilst alarms many systems will trigger upon intrusion, a video verified alarm gives a new dimension to vacant property alarms by delivering video clips / footage directly after the incident so that your security team can make an informed decision about the next action to take. PBS can deliver and install a video verified alarm system to help keep your property or site secure – even when you’re not on site. 

Video Alarm Features

Whilst the verified video system isn’t a CCTV solution, it will capture a small clip of footage immediately identifying the cause of activation before sending this footage via a mobile network to your monitoring station or designated recipient. 

The notifications are especially useful when identifying different activation types as regular alarms are not able to provide this distinction. For example, human entry will trigger a regular alarm in the same way as wildlife or an expected visitor, causing false alarms and an inefficient operation. The video footage allows the monitoring station to quickly rule out false alarms or, in the event of a security breach, determine the appropriate next steps such as deploying security personnel or alerting police authorities.

PBS video verified alarms also provide images in full colour in the daytime and have infrared capabilities inbuilt for low light or night surveillance. 

Uses of the video verified alarm

Our video verified alarm system has been used in a wide range of commercial, industrial, retail and residential environments. If you’re looking to secure a construction site, car park or any outdoor area for trespassers or unwanted visitors, our solution provides the necessary responsiveness needed, giving you the peace of mind that your property or site is safe and secure. 

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